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Kemar and DeAnne Johnson: Nurturing Love and Connection Through "It's Relational"

In the bustling heart of Queens, New York, a dynamic duo is weaving a tapestry of love, connection, and resilience through their heartfelt podcast, "It's Relational." Meet Kemar and DeAnne Johnson, a couple podcasting team whose mission to inspire and support relationships is making waves in our community.

A Passion Project with Purpose

At the core of Kemar and DeAnne's journey lies the "It's Relational Podcast," a labor of love born from their own experiences and aspirations. For this couple, the podcast is more than just a project; it's a deeply personal mission to empower and uplift couples navigating the beautiful yet complex terrain of relationships.

Inspired by their own journey of marrying young and the subsequent evolution of their relationship, Kemar and DeAnne are committed to sharing insights, lessons, and stories through their podcast. With each episode, they aim to foster a supportive community where love, communication, and growth thrive.

Roots of Resilience and Diversity

Hailing from Jamaica and with roots in the vibrant streets of The Bronx, Kemar and DeAnne's upbringing laid the foundation for their unique perspective on relationships. Despite societal norms, they forged their path, determined to redefine what it means to build a lasting partnership.

Their journey, now rooted in Queens, is a testament to resilience and diversity. Drawing from their rich cultural heritage and urban upbringing, Kemar and DeAnne infuse their podcast with authenticity and relatability. It's a celebration of where they come from and a beacon of hope for where they're headed.

A Pivotal Moment of Growth

In the ever-evolving landscape of "It's Relational," Kemar and DeAnne embraced a pivotal moment of change. Welcoming their son in April 2023 marked a significant shift in the podcast's direction. What began as a platform for general relationship discussions evolved into a deeply personal exploration of parenthood and partnership.

This pivot allowed Kemar and DeAnne to share their joys, challenges, and learnings with their audience, creating an even deeper connection. By inviting listeners into their journey of becoming parents, they demonstrated the power of vulnerability and authenticity in fostering community and understanding.

Navigating Emotional Terrain

For Kemar and DeAnne, the journey of podcasting isn't just about recording episodes; it's about navigating emotional terrain. Delving into personal and sensitive topics requires courage, vulnerability, and emotional resilience. It's a journey that demands honesty, empathy, and unwavering dedication.

Connecting with Kemar and DeAnne Johnson

To join Kemar and DeAnne on their journey of love, growth, and connection, connect with them on:

Kemar and DeAnne Johnson's commitment to fostering love, connection, and growth through "It's Relational" is an inspiration to us all. Let's celebrate their journey and embrace the power of vulnerability and authenticity in our own relationships.


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