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6 NATURAL Laws to get 10X MORE Clients

How can I get more clients? How can I ensure that I receive the same or more clients on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis?

Today we're going to talk about getting new clients. These suggestions, or "LAWS" if you will, are transferable. No matter what industry you're in, whether it's cosmetology, real estate, sales, IT, or anything else, these tips can help you get new clients for your business, even if you're not the owner and work in sales or with partners, you will be a leader in your business, job, organization, and/or industry if you follow these tips Laws. Again, these skills, tips, approaches, and methods are transferable and have been tested and applied by yours truly; you can apply them to any industry. It doesn't matter what you're passionate about; you can apply these to what you're passionate about in your industry. However, implementing these skills and strategies will alter your mindset. And you'll see what kind of change we're talking about as we get started.

Law #1: Reciprocity

In the law of reciprocity, it means you need to give in order to receive back. What you don't give, you cannot expect to receive. However, true reciprocity means to give even without the expectation to receive anything in return from the recipient. I know I'm going to get it back tenfold, whether from the recipient or from someone else, you too have to understand that these laws are divine. And anything divine means it is bigger than human, bigger than people, bigger than life, and bigger than the physical.

So when I say divine, I mean it; you will get it in so many different ways that you can not even imagine. Charity is simply the ability to do things for others without expecting them to always give back to you. For example, if you give to a homeless person, you do not expect that person to repay you. You're giving because you know that by doing a good deed, something good will most likely happen to you later that day or week. That is the law of reciprocity in action.

Law #2: Scarcity

The second law, scarcity, I swear by the law of scarcity. This means to promise more of what others lack because there is more in what is few. Let's break that down: You can promise more of what most people are missing. What exactly do I mean by that? In the law of scarcity, it means essentially, people are afraid of missing out on something. And so, what people think they're missing out on, you actually have an abundance of. People believe that there isn't the right coach for them, or that there isn't enough time to walk them through the process. People don't have enough skills to feel comfortable jumping in, and they don't have enough money to get from point A to point B with that scarce mindset that you promise abundance. I do have those items, I do have that time, that experience, that system that you have been missing. So by positioning yourself in that manner, you are placing yourself at the top of your future clients' list when the time comes for them to make a decision.

This can be a very simple concept to grasp; but many seem to overthink or complicate it. You simply promised more of what is few. When people communicate a problem to you, there are various ways you can communicate the solution, the best way, however, weighs on your ability to listen carefully. You want to avoid cutting people off or talking over them because you'll miss your cue or opportunity, and you want your solution to appear as if it was their idea.

Law #3: Authority

Take a moment to listen to Episode 144 of The Million Dollar Mind Podcast if you need a refresher on the essence of law number three, the law of authority, which requires you to position yourself as someone who is knowledgeable in your industry, as someone who has expertise. So if you're not consistently expanding your mind by reading, listening to audio books, listening to podcasts, doing your analysis, market research, sharpening on your industry standards, and all the other stuff that comes with being a professional, you're going to struggle with this law of authority. You don't have to be the most intelligent person on the planet. But you do however, have to come across as someone who knows what they're talking about; you should know enough to put me in a better position than I am right now (this is literally how your future clients think), "you know more than me because I'm coming to you." You are the expert; you may not be the smartest expert, but you are an expert to say the least.

In the event that you may not be the smartest expert, you have to then rely on other laws, such as the law of reciprocity and the law of scarcity. You don't have to be the smartest person in the room to build relationships, especially if you follow the law of reciprocity. They work with you because of who you are and what you represent at the time. Believe it or not, you have a lot of authorities, a lot of authority figures, and a lot of very smart experts who do not consider the law of reciprocity, and struggle with sales because they have a negative cloud of perception that follows them. So this is really where the combination of these factors comes in handy. The law of reciprocity, the law of scarcity, and the law of authority...

Law #4: Consistency

Next we have the law of consistency. I say this so often that I am to the point where my students, mentees and collegues can finish this sentence for me, "There is fortune in the follow up." When we meet somebody for the first time. What do we do with their information? What do we do with that connection? Do we just talk about like, "Hey, I met this really cool person, they were XYZ," but we don't reach back out to him, we don't follow up, we don't, learn more about them, we don't, check and see how they doing. We just talk a good game and let the hype die down.

There's fortune in follow ups. Sometimes you have to follow up with someone four, five, or six times before you can form a true bond with them. Let's not make it about sales for a minute, this is a LIFE SKILL. It just so happens if you're intentional about being good at sales, you're also good at building relationships. A large percent of CEOs have a sales background, and this is because they are the most diverse in terms of skill sets.

You don't just meet people and say, "Okay, that was a cool engagement I had, but I'm never going to talk to him again" If you have that feeling, follow up with them. The follow-up will bring good fortune. Don't look at fortune solely as financial gain because relationships are more valuable than money.

Law #5: Liking/Cooperation

The fifth law is the law of liking. Also known as the rule of collaboration. And when it comes to the sales process, cooperation is a sign of motivation, the motivation to work with YOU! If you can relate to, or make yourself similar to a person, you place yourself as someone your future clients could work with because they are reminded of themselves when speaking to you.

Have you ever heard someone say, "You know, this person is promising me this. But I'd like to work with you because I like you. It's just something about you." You may not be the smartest cookie in the bunch. You might not be the strongest person. But you made the team, you made the cut, because the decision maker, whether it was the coach, the administrator, the homeowner, whoever; the decision maker, liked you, and what set you apart mostly was your liking. Liking leads to cooperation. So, if you can find ways to make yourself similar and relatable to others, you can get closer to the top of their mind when making decision, YOU BECOME A PART OF THEIR DECISION MAKING PROCESS.

The key word here is relate-ability. How well do you connect with others? How well can you put yourself in the shoes of others in order to bridge the gap of relate-ability and relativity? In the beginning of your interactions with people, you want to avoid saying statements like, "I completely understand... I know exactly what you're referring to," in order to build rapport. Trust me, in the beginning, when it comes to listening, you'll want to but you have to reframe from language like that. Instead, when it's your turn to speak, you'll know and then, you can share stories and ask questions to build rapport, such as learning why someone moved to another city. What caused a person to go through a situation that lead them to you? What made a person choose a certain profession? What prompted someone to attend the same networking event? Asking questions is a great way to learn about people, and quite frankly, it is the only way to learn about people, NOT fake agreeing with people as most people think.

Law #6: Consensus

In sales, we call this the Jones effect, and I talk about the Jones Effect a lot more in my previous p;ost about the 4 Fears All Humans Experience. It's basically using what everyone else is doing to persuade them to act. And by doing it this way, very rarely is anyone missing the mark. I used to do this all the time when I was selling cable and internet back in the day. I'll talk about how I helped five people today, saving hundreds of dollars on internet, and proceed to mention them being the sixth.

That is the law of consensus. As a result, you persuade people through the actions of others and decisions made by the group. To be clear again, you find your lane by asking questions. And the more you learn, the easier it will be to apply all six of these laws.

Why are these laws so important?

So many people claim to have the playbooks and the programs designed to give you more clients. I can tell you right now, if they don't involve these foundational laws, and principles, is not the program for you. Because there are systems, and then there's personality. Some people have the personality where they can be really good at sales naturally. But then when it comes to training, and developing, they can't train to save their life, because they don't know the systems. This makes duplication and building teams extremely difficult. Which means you will always be a lone salesperson, having to go out and do all the sales yourself to make money, you can see how this is a huge business problem.

Mentors and coaches can help you, but if they don't focus around six principles, I can tell you right now it's not the program for you. And the reason why it does not work is because it's not easily replicated, it cannot be replicated. Right now you have the basis so that you can qualify, and vet out these systems, processes, programs, and coaches to see if they're going to be a good fit for you. These are natural laws, not man made laws, but natural law, they are required. And what is also required is your mindset shifting towards an abundance.

Application of all six laws guarantees you a new client and increases the probability of referrals. I've gotten great referrals and social media posts from being able to apply all 6 of the laws. It really is how you acquire new clients at an immense and high volume. If you made your own podcasts and you tried to sound like me, people are not going to listen to your podcast, because it won't come across as genuine. But if I gave you the blueprint and the systems to creating your own podcast, now you can take those templates and add your own personality to be authentically you! And again, this is transferable to anything you wish to excel in!

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