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5 Things That Will Naturally Increase Your Productivity

What is easy on the front end, is hard in the long run, and vice versa. Today we'll explore this. We all desire an easy life in the end, and the older we become, the longer life goes on, things should get easier, not harder. It's illogical to accept that my life should get harder over time.

Now, a few questions. What are you stuck doing right now? Are you realizing you're not doing enough? Are you missing or lacking confidence? You feel your efforts are sufficient but still, having trouble accomplishing more? If you could spend an extra hour a day doing XYZ, what would it be? Ever feel that what you're doing isn't the best activity for success?

You may feel like you're doing a lot, but you may not be doing anything impactful if you're in the wrong environment, driving the wrong vehicle, or working for the wrong firm. Doing a lot of the wrong things is DRAINING, you have little time and feel unproductive and even unhappy with your performance. It's like wanting to walk from point A to B on a treadmill. Why would anyone do that? We think the activity is helpful because treadmills burn calories, this is fact. What is also fact is, the treadmill doesn't move, so staying on it, means staying in place. In that case you can kiss point B goodbye, because you'll never make it.

Activity without reward kills your drive and motivation, knowing you're doing a lot but nothing at the same time. So if you answered yes to any of those crucial questions in the beginning, the good news is, you're missing just one component. One component can change the game. It's easy, it's excitement.


In this moment, when the answer to those questions still remain yes, the solution lays in your excitement. You simply need to find something that will restore your excitement. Because once you have that excitement, the drive will come, the motivation will come, and the productivity will skyrocket because you are excited.

You now seem to enjoy what you do. While you are pushed by responsibility, you are oppositely PULLED by excitement. What exactly do I mean by "responsibility"? Because we frequently believe that responsibility entails us working in jobs that we dislike solely for a paycheck or tolerating certain people for the sake of being cordial or dealing with toxic relationships. All of this, we believe, is analogous to our poor understanding of social responsibility. And eventually, the pressures of responsibility will simply push you, until being pushed for an extended period of time becomes exhausting and makes you feel unappreciated. It makes you feel undervalued. But what excitement does is pull you in, and being pulled is attraction personified. I don't have to put in much effort to be drawn towards something that I'm attracted to it.

For all of my dancers out there and social party-goers, you'll feel me on this one as there is a huge difference between a specific song carrying you out to the dancefloor versus your friends pushing you out in the middle to dance, being to drunk to realize that this is not your jam.

You want to be drawn to the things you enjoy. You want to be attracted to an abundance of things you're passionate about. Attraction is the whole point of the podcast and blog. Do you find it to be true that passion attracts? So on the topic of training our bodies to increase productivity without hesitation, the only way to do so is to be excited. Excitement creates the mental space for you to reflect on yourself rather than self-destruct. When you're excited about something, you start asking yourself more questions, such as,

"Okay, this isn't working, how can I make it work?"

"Okay, this is the current outcome. How can I achieve this outcome?

You're just motivated, and you want to do better. You want to up your efforts, your capacity, and ultimately your return. But again, not to beat a dead horse, when you feel the weight of "responsibility", you feel drained and unappreciated, you start to self-destruct, you start to ball up in the corner and complain about how difficult these things are. You stop caring about how you look when you go to work because you don't care about the job. Another thing to keep in mind is that staying at jobs you despise requires far more energy than looking for a job you enjoy. Because there are numerous opportunities an abundance of jobs.

We got five actions that you can apply to your day to start living with more excitement and applying that excitement into your daily routine.

1. Write a list of things that excite you

The first step will be to make a list of things that excite you. That's not so difficult, is it? What would be difficult istrying to move towards excitement when we can not identify the things that excite us first. It's not difficult to understand. Write a list of things that excite you, whether it's activities, people, organizations, hobbies, or places to visit, write it all down, so you can refer to it frequently. And just keep an eye on what excites you and make sure you hold yourself accountable to do those things more often.

2. Write down how you can add value

Make a list of how you can add value to that item. What I mean by adding value to that thing. So, if I'm passionate or excited about traveling, adding value to that thing, would be helping other people who are interested in doing the same thing. How can I contribute to this industry? How can I make this happen? How can each of us reach out and teach one another? How can I put that into practice? That is what I mean by "adding value."

3. Write down a list of people and places for exposure

Third, make a list of people and/or places that could expose you to the things that excite you. So, again, if I want to travel more, people like travel agents, or places like travel agencies, ororganizations like the Peace Corps, these are organizations and people that will expose me to traveling. So there you have it, you first complete step 2, adding value, such as figuring out how to make an awesome Peace Corps rep or representative, how to make an awesome travel agent, how to be an awesome client to travel agents, or how to bring referrals to partner with travel agencies, that makes it even easier to network and connect with all the right people as well.

4. Reflect on your non-negotiables

Next you want to consider your non-negotiables. You have things you're willing to sacrifice and things you're not willing to sacrifice or give up. Let's talk about jobs because many of us believe that it is our responsibility to work jobs we despise. It is not the case, and this is a very common misconception; it is your responsibility to make a living doing what you love. So I have a lot of people who work jobs that they not only despise but also go against their non-negotiables. Crazy thing about it, one of my clients complained about having to work on Saturdays. They'd say things like, "I can't work on Saturdays because my son has games that I want to make every Saturday." There are so many jobs available that you can find another job in that field that you value just as much as you value that opportunity. If they can't keep up, they have to get left behind.

The problem is that we don't look at it that way. We don't think we are the real value here because we don't believe we are. At the end of the day, whether you're an employee or not, you're valuable. Because you are unique, you bring something that no one else does or can. So recognize that you are gold, that you are valuable. So, if they can't value you and treat you with the respect that you deserve, they need to step up or you must find someone who is capable of doing so.

5. Put Emphasis on the Action Goal

Replace all reward goals with action goals, which I believe is the most important. Put all emphasis on the action goal and replace those for these reward goals that we set well. In real estate, for example, one of my action goals is to close 10 contracts per month. So my reward goal is to have $150,000 contracted revenue at the end of each month. Another one of my reward goals is to cashflow $20,000 on my property. Another one is to take a vacation every month. These are all goals based on some type of reward. But, at the end of the day, as much as they sound like something we can control, we cannot control rewards. We can't control the rewards, because we can't control things, especially the many obstacles that can happen in real estate! You may have $150,000 in closing, but when they actually close, only $100,000 may close that month and the remaining $50,000 may close the following month, for whatever reason, it could be probate or whatever the case may be. So, when it comes to these reward goals, you can't really control everything. But I do know atleast one thing I can always control, my actions.

I have control over my actions, and I have some action goals in the real estate space for you all. I'll give you an example. I make it a point to make three offers every day, enter negotiations with ten clients and make 30 phone calls before 12 p.m. These are very attainable goals, and I have complete control over the outcome. I can see why I'm not hitting certain metrics because all the numbers are right in front of me. Set actionable objectives. Because, at the end of the day, you keep your excitement high when you can focus on what you can control and stop focusing on what you can't. But if I only set reward goals, and I don't meet those goals, I begin to doubt my ability to sell, and I begin to doubt my ability to make it in whatever industry I'm in. You start to experience all kinds of self-doubt. When you focus on rewards rather than actions, you increase the odds of developing limiting beliefs.

Most people believe that responsibility is doing things to survive, regardless of how much they enjoy it. You have a family to feed, yes, and it is your responsibility to provide for and care for your family. However, you also have a responsibility to look after yourself. You must learn to thrive on your excitement rather than just doing things for a dollar or a check. As long as you're excited, those endorphins are pumping like that childhood feeling the night before Christmas.


We enjoy what we do because we are enthusiastic about it, but if you didn't enjoy what you were doing, you'd probably go complain to your partner for five minutes and then knock out. Not for us. We're not complaining, and we're not wasting our time complaining about the odor in the trash, we simply take the trash out. If you come to me complaining about a job you despise, I'll simply tell you to quit. But I do want to emphasize one point because I want us to always be thinking about how we can put ourselves in a position to be happy and excited every day. Don't have too many days in a row where you're not excited or looking forward to the day ahead. That is in thankfulness. That's being grateful, for the life you have to go make things happen. I simply gave you some gas. And now I want to ask you, where are you going now that you have a full tank?

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