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4 Fears that All Humans Experience

The 4 Fears

Let's get to the four fears. Because almost every single one of us, if not atleast one, fear all 4 of these things:

#1 Losing Out

This is the fear of losing or missing out; anyone who shops retail is afraid of missing out on a good deal. As a result, we like to use phrases like "today only" or "this deal is only for today." The buyer should feel emotionally obligated and drawn towards your offer, it should seem very aggressive as far as matching your competitors, and should stroke their ego and desire for savings. In essence no matter where the conversation goes, when I identify by buyer's personailty matching that of a person who doesn't like to miss out, I'm confident that I can complete the transaction with heavy use of one word, "TODAY." You want them to feel like if they don't make a decision today, they'll never be able to get this price at the price they want at any other time.

#2 Time Waste

The feeling of wasting your time, personally I can't think of anything that is worst. We ALL hate our time being wasted but you can especially tell when some people are more in a rush and pressed for time than others. Once those people are identified, with them you have to switch gears and have a sense of urgency. Again certain people appear to be and sound like they are in a hurry. They speak very quickly. If you are with someone in person and they are looking at their watch, tapping their feet, or acting jittery, you also want to use a sense of urgency. So we'll say things like "quick question" or "this will be quick." The last feeling they should get is you wanting to keep them long!

"So, how long will it take just a moment?" You really don't want to say or be specific, because as soon as you do, boooyyyy will that stop watch start! Think about it, you don't really know what kind of schedule they're on anyway, so voluntarily giving yourself time constraints wouldn't be wise, you could literally say one minute too long. Remember, this is a person in a hurry, so if you say you're just going to take a couple of seconds, they'll start timing you. Don't set yourself up to fail. Just go ahead and say, "I'll make this super quick." You need to match your actions with your words though. Speak with haste, but still speak clearly and confidently.

#3 Unbelonging

The fear of not belong is next, I also like to compare this fear, to the Jones effect phenomena. I have a cat right here. Because this is more for people who, really like to follow the crowd, monkey see, monkey do. These people are copy cats by nature and that is why it is known as the Jones effect. Classic movie, if you've ever seen Keeping Up with the Jones'. It's about a fake family that created by a sales company to pretty much sell products to the neighbors, go watch the movie! The Jones' appear to be so cool and be so welcoming that everyone wants to be like them. So the Jones effect is strategically used by referrencing your 'last client'; "my last client felt the same way."

This is especially true if you have someone who is already saying, "Oh, my cousin said this... my mother was doing this... my auntie has this now." It's screaming "tell me about what deals you have because everyone I know has your services too!" So again I brought out the cat. Because people are naturally followers and copycats. We want to be in the know, we want to be in the crowd and the trends, we want to follow the trends, which is why, now everything is being branded by using Instagram and social media, because people want to keep up. So you learn leverage that, and you play the game with the people who are trying so hard to keep up and want to be like everyone else. You use the Jones effect to your greatest advantage, and that is your greatest advantage when using the Jones effect.

#4 Wrong Move

Finally, we have indifference, which is similar to the fear of making the wrong decision. Some people will so easily get analysis paralysis when presented with new information, all of a sudden a new question or concern arises. It's like, bro, it doesn't really matter. You can sign up today or sign up tomorrow, and I'll be honest, carry that energy with a little more comfort and assurance that if say yes, there are taken care of. But if they say no, you don't need their sale, you really don't, there are plenty more out there. Just don't be so pushy about the sale. People despise pushy salespeople. That's why most of you probably ignore sales for the most part as it is, because you despise salespeople and cheesy pitches. So indifference allows you to be very calm, cool and laid back. I'll get this sale whenever I get the sale.

Now I must warn you again, each fear relates to a certain personality, and just because this works for one personality, it doesn't mean you can get lazy. Because some sales you HAVE TO WORK FOR. Even with using the indifference, it require a certain type of work ethic. If you're not going to be working the sale, it just means you need to talk to more people because your sale will come eventually.

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