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3 Steps To Develop A Mastermind Network

"It takes a village." This is an African proverb that you've probably heard before. We've also heard that life is a big potluck where everyone brings something to the table, well, you've probably never heard that quote before; I made it up. But isn't it true? Life is a huge potluck. You're supposed to bring something to the potluck. Everyone is responsible for one entree or desert. And if not one meal, certainly something that would be useful in a potluck, like utensils, drinks, cups, plates, etc. The Last Supper is the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, The Last Supper is a great metaphor for what we're actually talking about in this post, which is developing a mastermind network of people who all bring something to the table. Isn't this extremely important? Because we're not talking about food in the literal sense. I don't believe the Last Supper was meant to be translated as a dinner party. It was a community of people bringing knowledge to the community so that we could build the best or most perfect lives for ourselves. As a result, everyone must contribute something.

Everyone is valuable. Everyone has a place.

By working together in a mastermind community, we can all accomplish great things while doing very different things. That is the power of the mastermind! So allow me to expand on this. That is essentially what we will be discussing as we develop our own masterminds, and as you read if you're looking to join our Facebook Mastermind you can find us right here: The Million Dollar Mastermind.

A Life with Passion

Everyone wants a life filled with passion. Many quotes connect to today's topic: "...strength in numbers," is another one. Because indeed, combining our minds and strength makes us stronger. "Teamwork makes the Dream work..." "Collaboration enables the dream."

I'd like to offer a scene from The Eternals, a recent Marvel film (so get ready for a spoiler alert). One of the Eternals proposed assembling them all to combine their energies into one, Mega mind, didn't he say? By constructing the Megamind, they hoped to overcome the birth of a new celestial. To me, the Celestials represent life. Some may disagree, I'm no critique, though I did see the movie three times. The Celestials symbolize life, personification of the universe's activities. Celestials bring balance, yet their birth kills the planet hosting it. So with the celestial being on Earth, the Celestial being born and Earth remaining whole just cannot happen. The movie's premise, ofcourse is saving Earth.

This sounds like a pretty big dilemma, it's no wonder why they needed a mastermind. It's the same with daily life, isn't it? Constant testing.

We rarely challenge ourselves, it's when Life happens, that usually forces us to make changes and accept challenge. And when it then comes to answering the call of action, so many of us strive to do everything on our own, but community and focus is necessary. Many of us try to build on our weaknesses more than our strengths, spending more time attempting to make our flaws appear stronger than they are, rather than focusing on our strengths, growing them, and being cognizant of our weaknesses. The reason why we do this and place this unbelievably heavy burden on ourselves is during times we feel like we are missing community, right? The ability and access to gather some "Last Supper" community food to stay going when life hits. We don't need to think like that anymore, which is why I'm presenting this content:

I've learned that it's less about me and more about people and connections.

Since college, I've worked in three major industries, Corporate Operations Management, Communications, and Real Estate. Relationships are everything, was the best advice I have ever heard from any mentor. Real estate is most definitely about relationships. Not what you know, but more so about who. I'm sure Hollywood and other professions are the same. It's about building relationships, which again, assures just how vital it is to construct a mastermind and to build a community of individuals going towards a shared objective. You can join our free Facebook community if you haven't already. It's a mastermind focused on topics and content we've discussed, presenting you to people doing things in these sectors for us to mastermind, learn, and grow together. We can all be heroes instead of superheroes, right? If you don't learn to leverage your relationships and be more intentional with the relationships your develop, you'll risk taking the longest route to your goals.

If you try to do everything yourself, you'll end up testing the most insignificant activities, some that could take up a day's worth of work. But the small tasks, which are cool, quickly overcloud your brain and distract you from the more impactful tasks, which is why you must constantly train your brain on thinking about the most important activities you could be doing. It's easy to say, while you have a huge project due, all of a sudden you realize you need to do your budget or balance sheet, or who knows, we could find a million and one little small tasks. As you develop your mastermind, you will inherently also boost your ability to lead because you will be surrounded by high-achieving, Alpha-like, A-players who are experts in what they know and do. Therefore, they expect respect. As you surround yourself with such individuals, you become a better leader and learn to speak up and defend your points. You can communicate with alpha-like discernment. You also learn how to lead others, especially when it comes to expressing your vision to the team that can best bring it to reality.

Take Action

I could preach to you all day about how important it is to develop a mastermind, to gather a group of people who will help you get to where you want to go. What a lot of people won't tell you is that one of the best ways to get a mastermind is to intentionally and strategically set up the mastermind. Here are some additional steps to forming that mastermind:

1. Write Down Your Strengths and Weaknesses

List your strengths and weaknesses first. Writing down your strengths and weaknesses helps you avoid playing up your weaknesses and pretending they aren't real. While posing, and also trying to improve on these weaknesses as you go, it drains energy and focus from your strengths. Writing them down helps you say, "I should focus these strengths." Now that I know my flaws, I can find people who are strong at my weaknesses, right? You want to find people strong in your weaknesses. Partnerships are for that, right? You want a partner who can give you more and compliment you.

I want to encourage you to consider the 80/20 rule. By following the 80/20 rule, it means you focus on your top 20% of skills. So if you identify you have five strengths. You'll spend 80% of your time on one of these five strengths. The four others still remain strengths, but as you pour more energy into something, it will spill over, according to the law of the lid. You'll naturally overflow into other strengths just by focusing on your top 20% of skills. If you have ten skills, focus 80% of your time on your top two.

2. Surround Yourself with People Who Strengthen You

As we mentioned a bit in step one, you want to surround yourself with people whose weaknesses are your strengths and vice versa. There aren't too many ways that I can rephrase this, but here are some red flags to look out for. You want to avoid these types of people because they can be draining, distracting, and toxic to the growth that you're working on. Complainers. I cannot emphasize this enough. I've said it many times, and I've put out many videos and reels on Instagram, Facebook, and social media in general about giving your energy to people who consistently complain. It's draining because it makes it difficult to focus on appreciation, gratitude, and abundance when you're surrounded by people who only want to complain and focus on not having enough. Rod Khleif mentioned this during our interview E154. Bigger Wins Require Bigger Losses, we connect naturally through pain, which isn't always a bad thing if we all had the tendency to find solutions.

If finding solutions together doesn't seem to be the case, you have to be very careful of the people who always have something bad happening. Or could care less about good news but then all of a sudden they're more intrigued by the pain and despair that people go through.

One of the strangest things I've realized is that there are things that bring gratitude, abundance, peace, purpose, and passion into your life. These are the things that usually make people uncomfortable, which is strange because it's as if we've become uncomfortable with creating comfortable lives for ourselves. And we've grown accustomed to living in discomfort, pain and toxicity. And I believe that is definitely a general red flag to avoid. The second type is Takers. Takers, on the other hand, are people who take a lot from you. But they don't necessarily have anything valuable to give back. These are the people who always want to pick your brain, pick your brain for lunch, and never offer to pay for it. These are the people you know who only call you when they have a financial need or if they need you to answer a question for them. These are takers, and we need to be cautious of them ESPECIALLY if you're in the development stage, you have to pour so much into yourself, your brand, and what you're building. If you're pouring so much into these takers, what do you put back into you? Taking it back to the law of the lid, if you end up not pouring into your cup, you'll barely have anything left to pour into other people when it matters most.

Beware of people who do things to be seen. We call these people, the Watch-Me's. Those people care more about being seen than doing. Everyone does it. We've probably all done one or all of these, I've definitely been a Watch Me. I remember taking a six-month social media cleanse all because of this. I fell into this watch-me phase of doing things for likes, comments, views but not necessarily for the education and display of growth and development. I'd say to be wary of those who only seem to be doing but aren't really doing. You want to more so look for people who appear to be "low-key" because they want to attract their mastermind naturally rather than trying to be seen so much that everyone knows what they're doing. People who try to be seen have a different aura, vibe, and energy than those who try to become who they want to be. That brings me discuss the last red flag, Non-Purpose Walkers. We've probably all been non-purpose walkers. We're still here, trying to find our purpose. While you're looking for your purpose, avoid people who aren't interested in finding theirs. People who live on the edge, go with the flow with no life plan, and complain about their job yet feel comfortable because it doesn't push them or force them to change. It doesn't make them change; they want to stay the same. So avoid them, especially if you're developing yourself, because it's draining and distracting, and this one is more distracting because it becomes easy to do those things. If you hang out with people not living their purpose, you'll find yourself chasing a bunch of "false purposes".

3. Ask Questions

With that in mind, I'd like to shift gears because if you're content with doing everything yourself, going back to why you need the mastermind, i want to stress again, you're taking the longest route possible. Having a mastermind is the quickest way. I've never been the smartest in a room, nor do I want to be the smartest. I try to be the least experienced person in a room because I ask good questions. What's the point of asking a question if I'm surrounded by folks I can't learn from? Not sure why I'm asking. To be In a room where I'm the least experienced, I have a lot to learn, and I think we sometimes choose to be the opposite so we can just talk about ourselves.

Myself nor most of the people I hang out with rarely want to talk about ourselves; instead, we try to use it as an opportunity to learn so we can apply it elsewhere, the best way we know how right? Curiosity can speed up the process as well. You just need curiosity, and listen when people say, "No question is a dumb question," literally! You can only ask a dumb question when you aren't paying attention. Just listen, have an open mind and be naturally curious to learn more. Excited people love to tell all. Especially if you talk about something they like. You hit a note, a nerve, a good one, for them to throw up their experience like word vomit. Keep your ears, mind, heart, and purpose in mind, because the mastermind will be revealed to you. Find creative ways to bring your mastermind together in person regularly to network and develop skills. Once you've developed your mastermind, that's a great way to learn what people enjoy doing. So think of creative ways to bring people together and learn. As always, I'm grateful to have you all a part of this journey.

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What are you going to do now that your tank is full? How will you use this info? We want to challenge ourselves and unlock new levels of ourselves, new versions of ourselves. The official website is now live, and you can buy millionaire merch. Yes, we have threads and merch. Join our newsletter and other forums. I love creating spaces where we can interact and get closer together. Now, millionaires, I have some quick and exciting news to share with you. I stated that I would see it through. And now it's here. We are now on YouTube, so you can access all of our video content. And new episodes will be released and updated on Mondays and Fridays, as you've come to expect. So please visit our official YouTube channel. Like and subscribe so that you can spread as much love as possible and possibly lead that algorithm. All I can do is keep putting that content in front of you!


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